PPA Cover and CPD for your staff

People are now realising the importance of top level physical education in schools. We believe that its hugely important children receive only the best level of sports coaching and understand the benefits of good physical health. Our Sports 4 Schools staff are all fully trained and qualified, hold up to date DBS disclosures, first aid trained and have excellent discipline management due to their experience and training. Progressive lesson plans are used by our staff which are then shared with your school. We will also dedicate time to plan sessions with your school staff for their CPD training.

Our sessions will:

1. Promote academic learning.

Physical health allows students to function even better in classrooms. A good cardiovascular system developed from regular exercise promotes excellent blood and oxygen circulation. This means more nutrients circulate throughout the body which includes the brain. This circulation produces a longer attention span during classes allowing longer concentration and absorption.

2. Build self-esteem.

Students who are active in physical activities like basketball, football, martial arts and athletics just to name a few are more confident with themselves according to most social school studies. It’s probably because of the self-discipline and dedication to excel in a sport that brings out the best in students.

3. Develop co-operation, teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

Most physical education programs are holistic. Team sports allow student to interact together in order to reach a common goal and that is to win and excel physically. It brings out the competitive sides of students working both body and mind but also promotes sportsmanship and the understanding that you can’t always win and how to deal with frustration and defeat.

4. Promote a physically active lifestyle.

One of the purposes of physical education is to instil in students, at an early age, the value of self-preservation and choosing a lifestyle that is good for both the mind and body.

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